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Have you noticed how books are becoming movies?

Not all book-movies are horrible… even though most of them are. The entire difference between a book and a movie is the creativity, the imagination, and the mind frame that you see or visualize a story. If a book is good because of the way the story is told ESPECIALLY IF IT’S IN FIRST PERSON, then it’s obviously not going to be a good movie. But if it has an okay voice and tone, but incredible things happen and most of the tone is directed to imagery, then it’ll be the best thing ever. Because honestly, there is a fine line between books and movies. There’s a reason certain stories are put in books and others are put in movies. 

Let’s stick to it people.

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Me when I read an irritating romance novel:


I should be like:


Reality: Just get back with this bitch already. You know she’s the one. Suck it up and get the fuck back to her side!


And when he doesn’t:



Then I’m over it like,

miguelofthedark:  More here.

This is probably one of the best original posts I’ve ever made.

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  • me when bumping into inanimate objects: omg sorry
  • me when bumping into people: out of my way peasants
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  • me: "goodnight"
  • me: stays online for another hour
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white lips, pale face

havent been outside in 3 days

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My fish died because he was a picky eater.

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Imagine life without copy and paste…